Meet john

John is the best person. He's so kind, patient and committed. If you have the pleasure of meeting John it's likely you're getting married and he'll be your second shooter! He's got the best eye and captures moments in such creative ways. You'll see!

Newly Married

I married my high school sweetheart July 6th 2019. We got married at the Art Gallery of Hamilton surrounded by our closest friends, family and the 24 members of our bridal party. Yes, you read that correctly. It sounds cliche but our wedding was genuinely the best day of our lives. We believe everyone should have the same experience!

To tell you a little bit more about us and how we met, John and I have been best friends since high school. We met because of a mutual friend and almost instantly ranked each-other as our #1 best friend...because that's was the cool thing to do in high school. Everyone said we'd end up together, even one of our teachers and well ... they weren't wrong! It took us a while but we started dating shortly after our Universities took us to different cities. There was certainly no denying that we were destined for more than "best friends". 7 years later we got married and we are LOVING seeing each-other every day.

Since John and I recently got married we learned a lot about the other side of the wedding industry and we would love to share our insight if you have any questions while planning your wedding.

Our Philosophy

We create an experience.

We keep in touch... ensuring all of your requirements regarding photography are met.

We give advice... if we see an opportunity for a golden moment we bring it to your attention. Sunset photos during salad? If you are down so are we!

We are fun... it's YOUR wedding! You want photographers who are adaptable, and who make you smile before the camera is even pointing at you!

We're the type of photographers who carry 10 umbrellas in our car just in case it rains!
We've got you covered!

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